Aerial Survey as a tool for site appraisal

We understand that the key to development is the minimising of risk when acquiring a site or the establishment of a site capacity or development potential. Thats why we provide a full site evaluation toolkit for developers, analysing access constraints, topography, vegetation, hydrology and context with adjoining land ownership. This helps us to make recommendations on the viability of the site for development and point out potential risks such as flooding, visual impact and ecological constraints.

The site in Battle Hastings has issues around topography, existing woodlands and land in multiple ownerships which we examined with both aerial data and local plans to determine the development value of the plot.

3d site model

The 3D site model helps to provide a contextual view and to determine site cross falls and vegetation heights. 

Elevation Model

elevation plan

The site elevation map provides a graphic representation of the topography which can also be calibrated to the OS data. This is a very useful tool in establishing areas at potential risk from flooding. 

Hydrology Model

site hydrology

Site elevation exports can be teken into 3D modelling software, such as AutoCAD Civil 3D, in order to extract data on site gradients, watershed characteristics and surface runoff velocity to determine areas of potential erosion and possoble locations for attenuation and surface water management.