Flying Under the Radar

There is nothing more exhilarating than working with other professionals in the creation of action film sequences. The complex and demanding requirements of this film shoot saw us chasing motorbikes across fields in Dartford England and flying over a rock band whilst inside the fuselage of a cargo plane. Shot over two days on two separate locations, the short film required co-ordination of aerial sequences with ground crew and stuntmen in order to obtain 4K footage. Experienced cameraman Tom Webster co-ordinated ground and aerial filming shots under the watchful eye of director Oliver Prout. The short film for Vevo and Virgin Media was produced and edited by Psychosaints

working as a team

Coordinating aerial sequences requires a close working relationship with the director and producer in order to get the right shots. Timing is everything when shooting on location as the light is critical. We carry around 20 batteries and two drones with us to ensure continuous flying is maintained throughout the day. Our dual control allows the cameraman to control the shots while the flying is carried out by our experienced pilots.

Working with the director

Filming the bike chase sequence


On location in Dartford