Dealing With Old or Crumbling Structures

Old or historic buildings may be very sensitive to physical inspection or be structurally unsound. Often there are tall towers or edifices that could only otherwise be inspected via elevated work platforms. Drones offer a cheaper and more effective way of inspecting for damage or for carrying out conditions surveys. 


corn exchange rochester

The Corn Exchange in Rochester was built in 1706. Our client was undertaking a 25 year lease of the building and requested that we carry out a condition survey of the roof and tower areas of the building, including a historic clock tower at the western end of the building which is currently undergoing restoration. We found a multitude of issues with the building, from crumbling masonry to potential leaks in flat roof areas. We even carried out an inspection of the interior plaster work and found several structural cracks in the building. Such surveys can provide a record of the building condition for tennants and owners or serve as an inventory or repair work required.