Residential Apartment Block

We provide our clients with a complete roof condition survey that includes a virtual 3D model and detailed photographs of all flat and pitched roof areas including eaves and gutters. This is accompanied by a full written report detailing the overall condition of the roof, any areas requiring immediate attention and recommended remedial actions required in the next 12 months. We also get involved with insurance claims for faulty workmanship or warranties claims and we carry out inspections after storms where dmagae to the roof is suspected.


complete detail

Our aircraft are able to get into tight spaces to see issues that would even be impossible for an operative to see if they were on the roof. Issues such as missing leaf guards, loose or broken tiles, loose or missing guttering, leaf build up, blocked drains, rot or mould and pest issues such as pigeon roosts.

In 2017 we even won and award for the use of technology in improving health and safety in facilities management.